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Adult Diploma

The evening Adult High School classes provide adults, out-of-school youth, and in-school youth the opportunity to earn credits toward an Adult High School Diploma, Competency Recovery or High School Graduation.



To find out what you need to complete your high school diploma, call the adult education office (703-0236) and make an appointment for a personal evaluation of your credit status. Credits are granted for previous high school work, military service, and work experience. Graduates who need to review or study new areas for personal or professional growth may also take courses.

The Adult Diploma is a true diploma. It is recognized by the State of New Hampshire and awarded by the Manchester School Board. The environment is less traditional than the day diploma program, however the academic expectations are the same. There is no upper age limit for the adult diploma; students 16 years and up can earn this diploma with pride. 

To enter the diploma program, students request all previous high school records be sent to the Director of MACL (521 Maple St, Manchester, NH 03104). Upon receipt of school records, the director and student will meet to review the credits previously earned, and the credits still required to earn the Adult Diploma. During this interview, the student and director will create an individualized plan for completion of credits with a timeline of expected progress.

Diploma classes have very strict attendance requirements. In order to successfully complete a class, students must attend all classes and understand the commitment to out of school assignments (homework or projects).

Diploma classes are priced individually: tuition plus the cost of books or lab fees. Manchester School District students may pay in installments throughout the semester as long as they remain in good standing. Credit is withheld until outstanding financial commitments to MACL have been met.

Although diplomas can be earned and awarded throughout the calendar year, there is a Year End Celebration in early June or late May to honor all Adult Diploma recipients, successful HiSET graduates and other students of distinction throughout the previous academic year at MACL. Diploma and HiSET graduates are encouraged to invite family and friends to this graduation celebration.

Requirements: A copy of previous high school credits, if applicable.

   Refunds: Tuition - refundable prior to first class meeting, less a $25 administration fee. No refund after first class.

   Cancellations & Vacations: In accordance with the Manchester School District.

   Important: Any class with fewer than 10 registered students may be cancelled, so sign up early!