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In NH as well as many other states one must serve an apprenticeship prior to taking the plumbing journeyman exam. The NH State Board for the Licensing and Regulation of Plumbers is the agency responsible for licensing plumbers.

A plumbing apprentice must be employed by a master plumber and perform plumbing under the direct supervision of a journeyman or master plumber. Apprentices are required to carry an apprentice identification card issued by the Plumbers' Licensing Board. This card must be renewed each year.

The work process for plumbing apprentices requires 8,000 hours or about 4 years of work experience and on-the-job training. Additionally, an apprentice is required to complete 150 hours of related classroom instruction for every year of the apprenticeship period. A record of the work and classroom hours must be submitted to the State Apprenticeship Council secretary at the end of the apprenticeship to receive a Certificate of Completion. Additionally apprentices must complete the 10 hour Construction OSHA course.

The plumbers' journeyman examination is administered on computer at approved sites throughout the year. Apprentices must obtain a Certificate of Completion and submit that to the NH Plumbers' Licensing Board to obtain an exam application.

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